Couldn't read or write until she was 30 years old

I was privileged to coach a woman who wanted to become a professional speaker and author. Her background boasts many accomplishments in the network marketing arena. She had made a ton of money but wanted to change directions. She has a very interesting and unique story to tell, wanted to tell it, but was stuck in quicksand because she was running out of money, didn’t know what to do, wasn’t being productive in the right areas, and doubted herself and her abilities. This is what being stuck in quicksand does to you.

The first few sessions told me that negativity had infiltrated her mind but she didn’t realize this at first. All of the symptoms were there:

  • her confidence was low
  • she was afraid of public speaking
  • she spent all of her time planning and no time taking action
  • her energy level was low
  • she was trying to get other people to do the work that she needed to do
  • she had more reasons of why it couldn’t happen than reasons why it could happen 

Eliminating her negativity was very similar to conducting an exorcism. I needed to rid her of the demons that kept her stuck in quicksand! I was successful in getting her to escape the quicksand she put herself in so she could execute her full potential. And man did she execute! The floodgates were opened!

This woman now tours the country telling her incredibly inspiring story of becoming very successful in spite of not being able to read or write until the age of 30! Imagine not knowing how to read or write for the first 30 years of your life! She didn’t allow that to stop her from becoming successful, but when it came time to try something new she doubted herself and the possibility of success. Fear made her forget that she defied the odds before. This is exactly when negativity catapults you into quicksand and keeps you submerged - when you lose your confidence!


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