How a 95 year old company escaped the quicksand

Problems are created and fueled by negativity! This is the story about how a printing company escaped the grasp of quicksand in a changing industry.

Prior to the 2008 economic disaster, a printing company that has been in business for 95 years had been growing profits steadily. The culture of the company was great, sales continually grew, their back-log of work was fantastic and everyone in the company was making great money. They were spoiled and they loved it!

Then 2008 hit…

Around 2010, this company started to lay off some employees, cut hours and in some cases had to cut pay for some of their longest-tenured employees. As sales plummeted, so did the culture of the company and the attitudes of its people - including ownership.

Ownership told me that if I couldn’t right this ship, this company that had been around for almost a century would have to close its doors. 

Not on my watch!

For 30 days, I implemented the turn-around strategy that I created for not only my businesses, but the businesses of my clients. I know it works because every company I use this strategy on gets out of the quicksand that creates problems for their business. Now, this isn’t just for companies that are in trouble, this quicksand strategy is also effective for increasing sales, creating more prospects, and solidifying a management team to take the business to new heights.

As the process was executed, positive change started to take place. The employees had better attitudes, management came together to solve problems instead of create them, ownership made the necessary changes that negativity prevented them from making previously, and the sales team re-gained their confidence that became non-existent.

Today, this printing company is leading the charge in their market! There is no more talk of closing the business, they’re hiring more people, paying their tenured people more money and they’re enjoying financial increases that not long ago seemed impossible.

When negativity infiltrates a company, large or small, quicksand engulfs the entire organization and makes progress impossible. To get out of the quicksand, you must first defeat negativity. You can’t move forward if you’re stuck in quicksand!


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