Quicksand consumes an insurance agent

An insurance company found themselves in quicksand and called me to get them out. That’s what I do - I rescue individuals and companies from quicksand to make their sales issues  disappear!

Morale was down, sales were down, and everyone in this particular office was experiencing the brutal effects and power of negativity. The negativity virus had infiltrated the company and started to pull each person down. Once a company is in quicksand, it takes someone outside the company to come in with a safety line and pull everyone out.

You see, once negativity sees an opportunity it strikes! Opportunities that negativity searches for are people with low confidence, fear and a bad attitude. Excuse-makers and people that cause problems magnets for negativity. This particular agency is full of incredible people with tons of talent, skill, and dedication. What was missing was confidence and the awareness of the negativity that was present and how it was affecting the business and its clients.

Signs that negativity was present inside of this insurance agency was:

  • low productivity
  • excuse-making was high
  • low energy levels
  • “The blame game” was prevalent
  • entitlement attitude was obvious

I went in, exterminated the negativity, and now this same insurance agency that was ranked low in the state became #2 out of 283 offices state-wide. No amount of training or coaching will help until you eliminate negativity from the equation. When you slay negativity, full potential is unleashed!


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