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National sales coach, author, keynote speaker, host of TomTalk and Sell Like A Beast , and creator of myCoachOnDemand, Tom delivers a new style of motivation and inspiration for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Bring Tom directly to your organization to administer one of his powerful presentations to inject long-lasting confidence into your company!

“I had the pleasure to listen to Tom speak at an event this morning and I just wanted to tell him thanks for his time. I have never met nor heard of Tom before, but I am truly glad I had the opportunity to hear what he had to say about sales and business. If anyone is looking for sales training for their sales team, I would definitely recommend Tom! Being a salesman myself, going into this meeting I thought it might be boring and the typical sales talk. Tom was the complete opposite! He is intensely passionate about sales and will get you to instantly think about your business in a whole different way. Thanks for your time and insight, Tom!”

— Steve S, VP of Sales at S Group

  QuickSand Keynote Presentation

QuickSand Keynote Presentation

  Speaking for The National Sales and Marketing Executives Association

Speaking for The National Sales and Marketing Executives Association


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  Selling Workshop

Selling Workshop



Thank you for taking the time to share your very valuable insight.

Your presentation was well balanced and masterfully executed with knowledge and humor. Our NSME members have expressed their appreciation of your workshop. 

We're look forward to having you back in the near future!

Craig Freeman - Board of Directors


Good Afternoon Tom,

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the presentation on Tuesday. It was excellent! Thanks again!"

Steven Gosney - Business Consultant



Speaking Topics

Tom speaks regularly at conferences, association events, universities, high schools, churches, and technical schools to name a few. Known for his powerful confidence-building talks, Tom remains in high demand for audiences that want someone to “Tell it like it is” and shower the room with inspiration!

Tom’s 3 most popular and requested topics are:

  1. Master Presenter - why presentations fall flat, how to audit your presentation, and how to create and deliver a presentation that holds attention and makes your audience beg for more!
  2. The Principles of EACH - what your clients are itching to get from you! The 4 keys to higher customer retention, more referrals,  and increased word-of-mouth business. Your audience will rush to implement these 4 Principles into their business the moment Tom is finished speaking!
  3. Quicksand - based on his book, Tom delivers this message of encouragement that prompts audiences to create a profound effect on their own lives as well as the lives of others by taking your audience on a spectacular journey of enlightenment!

If you’d like a customized presentation for your organization, contact Tom. A few examples of customized topics have included:

  • Building Confidence
  • Closing The Deal
  • The #1 Key To Sales Domination
  • Differentiating In Today’s Commoditized Business Landscape
  • The 3 Ways to Massive Referrals


Quicksand: The Guide To Climbing Out of The Negativity Trap To Unleash Your Full Potential

Based on Tom’s highly-acclaimed book, this journey takes your audience from the beginnings of negative thinking to conquering negativity.

They’ll learn:

  • Why they only have control of conquering negativity, not preventing it
  • How negativity holds them back from executing their full potential
  • The forms of negativity that go un-noticed daily and have serious consequences


The Principles of EACH 

Giving your customers The Principles of EACH on a regular basis will instantly and effectively differentiate your company in the marketplace! The power of these 4 distinct attributes is the be-all-end-all of customer retention and referrals! 

 In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • The 4 principles of EACH that every customer is itching to get 
  • How to execute on EACH principle 
  • How their team can easily put EACH into action immediately
  • How the 4 principles of EACH automatically differentiates you from everyone else
  • How to implement EACH that creates the desire for your customers to spread the word about you faster