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How To Grow Sales in 2016!

As competition gets tougher, so must you! To grow your sales in this new ultra-competitive business landscape, you must be armed with the latest information and tools. Tom will give you what you need in this intense workshop designed to help you dominate, not compete!

When:  Wednesday January 27th from 9am-10:15am
Where:  ITT Technical Institute: 1030 N. Meridian Rd, Youngstown, OH 44509
Duration: 75 minutes
Cost:  None! It's FREE!  

In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to grow qualified leads quickly and effectively
  2. How to position yourself as the only solution
  3. How to close more deals without applying pressure
  4. The #1 key to selling in 2016
  5. How to get more appointments using one simple technique 

This workshop will get you completely ready to dominate 2016!!