3-Part Sell Like a Beast OnDemand Webinar Series

3-Part Sell Like a Beast OnDemand Webinar Series


You get unlimited access to both video and audio-only versions of my 3-Part Sell Like a Beast OnDemand Webinar series including “How You Create Limitless Opportunities”, “How You Win The Price War”, and “How You Close Like a Beast”. These webinars also include Action Sheets highlighting the most important takeaways and a plan of action to execute at a much higher altitude!

Part 1: Sell Like a Beast - How You Create Limitless Opportunities

Not enough people know who you are and what you do. You’re not creating enough opportunities fast enough to be effective and profitable. You’re simply not taking enough of the right actions! To grow your income you have to have more opportunities to capitalize on! This workshop shows you precisely how to create more opportunities than you can handle, which is exactly the problem you want!

Learn how to:

  • Position your solution as the only solution
  • Craft your message so consumers will respond to it
  • Attract an audience quickly
  • Master the phone
  • Execute the 3 ways of driving massive referrals

Part 2: Sell Like a Beast - How You Win The Price War

Your pitch sounds like everyone else’s. Your presentation looks like everyone else’s. You sell like everyone else. This is exactly why you’re dealing with price objections! 

To get paid what you want:

  1. Your pitch must be powerful, intriguing, and fast!
  2. Your presentation must leave the audience craving more from you!
  3. Your selling process must position you as the expert, the asset, and the solution! 

This workshop gives you the battle plan to dominate your competition! Let them compete on price…you must dominate so your prospects don’t care what you charge!

Part 3: Sell Like a Beast - How You Close Like a Beast

You're afraid to ask for the sale. You think closing means applying pressure. Your confidence is too low to increase your effectiveness in sales situations. You don’t know the differences between complaints, stalls, RDRs and objections. To close more deals, you must be prepared for everything. This workshop is the be-all-end-all for closing deals without using pressure. Knowledge combined with skills is a lethal combination! This is precisely what you need to dominate in today’s ultra-competitive and saturated business landscape! It’s time you pull ahead of the crowd and Close Like A Beast!

In this explosive workshop, you will learn:

  • The real definition of closing 
  • Why your confidence is low
  • When to use questions and when to use statements 
  • How to close without applying pressure
  • The psychology of the 4 response types, why consumers use them, and how to conquer each one
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