Become a Beast Ambassador!

Are you a beast? Do you want to earn beast amounts of money while helping people flourish?

We want you to come work with us as a Beast Ambassador right now! Help us get people involved with The Beast Movement so they can unleash their full potential and improve their lives. Very few business opportunities exist where you can directly and immediately impact others in a very positive way. We have this opportunity and want to offer it to you! Send a 1-2 minute video of why you want to become a Beast Ambassador to (or tweet @tomricciuti the link). If you want to work with a dynamite company doing great things for people then this is your jump on it now and be a beast!


What is a Beast Ambassador?
Our salespeople are called Beast Ambassadors because they are the backbone of The Beast Movement. They are the beasts in the field showing our clients exactly what we believe and how to accomplish total domination!

What does a Beast Ambassador do?
Beast Ambassadors talk with people that want to reach higher levels of domination in their careers. Our products help people understand the mindset they need to have in order to achieve beast levels of success and the actions they need to take to get there.

How is The Beast Movement helping people?
The Beast Movement is about the mentality and level of action it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and/or sales professional in an oversaturated and commoditized business world. We help people through our online coaching platform myCoach OnDemand, books and audiobooks, podcasts, workshops, webinars, blogs and social media platforms.

What is myCoach OnDemand?
myCoach OnDemand is our online coaching platform that is offered on a monthly subscription basis with no long-term commitment. Clients have access to stream all the workshops to any device from our library of  workshops on confidence, escaping the quicksand of negativity, prospecting, selling, closing, management, positioning, packaging, and more! Each workshop includes an Action Worksheet that highlights the most important talking points and helps plan a course of action for reaching higher levels of productivity and success. 

Why do companies need myCoach OnDemand?
Every championship team needed a winning coach to help them get there! Just like athletes train and practice for the big game, entrepreneurs and sales professionals must train and practice for sales meetings. This gives them that training, practice, and accountability anywhere, anytime!

How much can I make as a Beast Ambassador?
Full-time Ambassadors make a six-figure income. Part-time Ambassadors (20-25 hours/week) make and average of $1,500 per month.

How can I become a Beast Ambassador?
Fill out the application on this page and send us a 1-2 minute video telling us why you think you have the "whatever it takes" mindset to be a Beast Ambassador. Send your videos to or tweet the link to @tomricciuti on Twitter.

How can I learn more?
Email or call (330) 717-2241 if you'd like to chat with us about this great opportunity and how you can join The Beast Movement!


After filling out the application below, send us a 1-2 minute video telling us why you have what it takes to be a Beast Ambassador to or tweet @tomricciuti on Twitter.

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