Should You Leave A Voicemail?


And no!!

Always leave a voicemail when you get the opportunity if you have a message:

  1. worth listening to
  2. that will create curiosity in your prospect
  3. that will cause the prospect to Google you
  4. that differentiates you from those who have no idea how to leave a good message
  5. that you’re going to follow-up on

I hear a lot of people say that it’s not worth leaving a voicemail because nobody listens to or returns voicemails and they don’t want the prospect to “know they’re coming.”

This is absolutely absurd!!

Many decision-makers use voicemail to screen their calls so un-trained and mis-guided salespeople don't waste their time.

But you're a trained professional who calls with value, right?

Since most salespeople won’t leave voicemails for these ridiculous reasons, doesn’t it make sense to stand out in the crowd and not only leave a voicemail but tell them that you’re going to follow-up with them until they take your call?

Wait a minute!

“You want me to be a pest?”

I want you to be a professional and be so sold on your product and service that you’re willing to call the prospect as many times as it takes to get him/her on the phone to talk with you.

DO NOT leave a voicemail message:

  1. if you don’t have a message worth listening to
  2. if you don’t know how to build curiosity in the message
  3. if you don’t want the prospect to Google you
  4. if you don’t have a differentiating advantage
  5. if you aren’t going to follow-up more than twice

You spent the time to call the prospect.

If you get the opportunity to leave a voicemail (free advertising by the way) then you should jump all over the chance to do so!

Should you leave a voicemail?

Yes!! But learn how to leave one strategically so your prospect is at least familiar with you when you call again.

You are going to call again aren’t you?

Tom RicciutiComment