Should You Speak For Free?

Speaking for free has plenty of benefits! 

I built my coaching business by speaking for free. Even before I had products to sell I always found opportunities to get in front of people to talk to them.

Where else can you talk to 10, 20, 50, 100 people at the same time?

How long would it take you to talk to that many people if you were calling them on the phone, emailing them, or advertising to them hoping they contact you with interest?

If you can sell 1 person out of 10 for $500, then you just made $500 to speak! Do the numbers and you’ll see why I’m in favor of speaking for free. The higher your closing rate the higher your income is per event.

Even if you're not a professional speaker “on the circuit” you should be conducting seminars, workshops, webinars and talking to business groups on a regular basis to drive qualified leads.

Once you get a bunch of “gigs” under your belt you can start charging a fee to speak. But until then you will do yourself and your business a huge favor by making a commitment to speaking to as many people as often as you can.

This positions you as an expert in your field which is vitally important nowadays to break through the noise of the market.

There are a plethora of opportunities to speak out there! Go get in front of people!

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