3 Marketing "Musts" for Speakers and Salespeople

If you have a great presentation but nobody knows about you, what good will it do the world?

You have to market yourself and your message so you can create opportunities to speak to people. Here are the 3 marketing “musts” to make part of your daily regimen to secure more speaking opportunities:

  1. Phone calls - have a great 30 second pitch ready and call people who hire speakers.
  2. Emails - send emails containing value so they will want you to stay in touch with when they go to hire a speaker.
  3. Social Media - put tons of great content on social media channels so when the people who book speakers do some research on you they see that you’re serious about promoting your message.

If you will commit to creating a strategy around these 3 tasks and execute on it consistently, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to speak in front of the audiences that need your message.

Remember, the more people you speak to the more people that will buy from you and refer you!

The only time my schedule slows down is when I neglect to execute these 3 tasks on a regular basis…and that’s nobody’s fault but my own!

Don’t make getting the opportunity to speak to groups of people harder than it is - create your strategy and execute it consistently!

You Must market your message! 

This will help:

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