The #1 Way To Get Booked As A Speaker

You could have the greatest message on Earth and still not get booked as a speaker.

You could be funny, intelligent, good-looking, and have great marketing materials and still not get booked as a speaker.

Getting hired (and paid well) to speak isn’t easy but it’s certainly not as hard as many people think it is. 

The #1 way to get booked as a speaker is by referral.

And to get referred, you must have a killer talk. One that makes people remember you. One that makes people want to talk and blog about you. One that makes people want to post about you on social media. One that makes people want to tell others to hire you to speak to their organization or audience.

I have a feeling I know what you’re thinking: “How can I get referred if I don’t have any gigs booked?”

Valid question.

You start small and local. Offer free talks to area business groups and clubs. Chamber events. YMCA events. Youth sports teams. Church functions.

These are just a few to start with. Your message is tailored for specific audiences, so you’ll have to decide who exactly is your ideal audience then go from there.

With every gig you speak at there’s one detail that is more important than any other and that is your talk (presentation) structure must be exceptional.

How do you open your talk?

Are your transition statements and questions placed properly?

Should you use props?

Do your examples tie in with the points you're trying to make?

Are you utilizing The Holy Grail of presenting? (I really hope so)!!

How will you affect change in your audience? 

How will your talk enable someone to do something as a result of your talk that they can’t (or won’t) do now?

How will your audience be inspired because of your presentation? 

Your structure, the way you position it, the way you perform it, the way you deliver the smallest of details, the timing…

What you need is the talk structure that has been proven by the most professional and influential speakers past and present.

Want help with this?

Tom RicciutiComment