Speak To Communicate Change

The entire premise behind speaking is to get your listener to change the way he or she thinks about something! 

Or at least consider changing the way they think about something.

You already know how difficult it is to get someone’s attention and then hold it while you talk to them. It seems like everyone has a bad case of adult deficit disorder.

So, when you get the opportunity to have someone listen to what you have to say, you better fully understand exactly how to take them on a journey that will change how they think about what it is you're speaking about!

If you don’t do this properly I promise you that you will “lose” them. And it doesn’t take long to “lose your audience” in today’s world.

Here are some of the questions you must be able to answer if you are going to be successful in communicating change:

  • What’s The Big Idea?
  • Are my transition statements and questions effective?
  • Is my story relatable?
  • Does my story have the 3 main ingredients needed to tap the emotions?
  • Are my examples tied to my points?
  • Is my closing statement or question powerful enough?

More info to help you improve your effectiveness to create change: 

Remember: The goal of every presentation is to communicate change!

Tom RicciutiComment