Getting Started As A Speaker

Imagine a room packed full of people that can’t wait to see you speak.

These people have anticipated your message for some time now. They purchased tickets. They told their friends about you. They’re looking to you to inspire them. They want to learn something from you!

Backstage you're stretching and doing your breathing exercises. You're just nervous enough to guarantee a great presentation. You're jacked up and ready to go!

The MC walks on stage, grabs the microphone, and starts to introduce you.

As he/she talks, the audience listens with anticipation. They're smiling and ready for you.

You hear the MC say your name and as you walk on stage you see and hear this packed room applaud you with excitement…


Let me tell you, this feeling is one that is very difficult to compete with!

There’s not too many experiences in life that give you this level of happiness. The room is there to hear your message. They are there to be inspired. They want you to do a great job - they're rooting for you. 

They are there to give you their total attention for an hour.

They’ll give you their business and admiration for years to come.

Then at the end, they want to take photos with you. They want to shake your hand and tell you how great you were. They want to buy things from you. They want to hire you.

You feel like a celebrity!

What a feeling!!

To get started as a speaker, you don’t need a best-selling book. You don’t need to have overcome some giant obstacle. You don’t need to be a billionaire or a past President of The United States.

You just need:

  1. A great message (story)
  2. A great attitude
  3. A great work ethic

To get started as a speaker, whether you want to make it your career or you want to speak a few times a month to push your products and services into the marketplace, all you need is:

  • a basic website
  • a video of you speaking
  • a great pitch
  • a great follow-up structure
  • a helpful attitude

That’s it!! That’s all you need to get started as a part-time or full-time speaker!

All I had when I started was a phone book and a telephone that you had to dial (ouch - remember those? How primitive!).

And with a little dedication and good ol’ fashioned hard work I started to get booked as a speaker.

There was no internet then. No cell phones. No email. No advertising budget (I was broke). No connections. No experience. No resume. No website. No video.

I started with nothing!

But I started.

Things are a little different now. You need the internet, email, a website and video nowadays. The good news is that you can start without any money!!

If you want to get started as a speaker, this is the first step:

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