How To Get Hired To Speak

Event planners are some of the busiest people on this planet! 

They receive applications, videos, emails, phone calls, press releases, marketing materials, and one-sheets from speakers every single day while performing their day-to-day work.

They have the job of hiring speakers and scheduling every minute of every day of their event - so they’re looking for professionals that will make their job easier, people that are low-maintenance (don’t require a babysitter), and who will make them look good to their clients.

Now keep in mind that they have more speakers to choose from than they need. 

So how do you get them to hire you over the plethora of other speakers trying to get the job?

Provide value before you apply to speak for their event!

This is no different than trying to get an appointment with a decision-maker to present your products and services.

Be the person who helps the event organizer:

  • market their event to your audience
  • drive more traffic to their website
  • sell more tickets
  • come up with creative programs and ideas for their event

Of course there are many other things you can offer the event organizer, but this list will get you on the right track.

Make sure you offer help without expecting anything in return!

Don’t think that just because you are helping them (or offering to help them) that they will feel obligated to hire you to speak. Just help them with whatever you can help with that they need. Sometimes just offering to help is enough to get yourself on their radar.

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