The Fastest Way to Kill A Sale

Starting the conversation with the features and benefits of your product and service is by far the #1 way to kill the sale. Here’s why:

You already know that in order to make a sale you must first get the attention of the prospect and then keep the attention of the prospect long enough to engage them in a conversation. Here’s what you don’t know (or aren’t aware of):

  1. Your features and benefits are boring
  2. You’re delivery is boring
  3. The Prospect has “heard it before” - not unique and thought-provoking
  4. You haven’t made any effort to help the prospect before stuffing your stuff down their throat
  5. You haven’t connected or even attempted to connect with the prospect
  6. At first, they're not going to believe anything you say - they’re skeptical
  7. They don’t “know” you yet

You need to treat each and every prospect as a custom job. Stop thinking that your features and benefits apply and are attractive to all people. Even if they are, people will be skeptical by human nature. This is what you're battling - skepticism. The only way to defeat skepticism is to connect with people before you ever try to sell them anything!

People need to go through their own process to see if you’re worth getting to know. Only when they decide to get to know you can you discuss business. Even at this early stage of a relationship you should be cautious to not get over-zealous and talk too much about you and your business.

Remember - people will only want to have a relationship with you if you put them first! Take interest in them before you talk about your “features” and “benefits”. People want to know you before they buy from you now more than ever. With all of the technological messaging and robotic “relationship-building” going on, this is your opportunity to connect with people on a human level which will enable you to stand out and be memorable!


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