The Key To Successful Sales Training

SalesForce published an article that suggested some 80% of sales managers claim they do not have the time to train their staff. Over 90% of sales managers claim their issue is not having sufficient amounts of sales training material that is fresh and relevant enough to keep their sales team engaged.

For sales training to be successful:

1) It must be a daily requirement and part of the culture. For your sales training to provide fruitful results, it must be done daily! Sales training seminars at the local hotel can only be a supplement to daily training provided by the organization.

2) It must convert sales, not simply educate.

3) It must be interactive allowing each person to be involved in sales training.

4) All sales training must be measurable so sales managers can compare achievements.

myCoachOnDemand cloud-based sales training--accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers--now allows sales organizations to make sales training available to your sales people when they need it no matter where they are. It’s vitally important that you insist that your sales people and sales managers have access to sales training--and then use it daily! Repetition, availability, and up-to-date content is key!

Provide your sales people and sales managers with 30 minutes of sales training per day and see an average increase in sales production of 5% per person with some organizations showing 40% increases. See results within the first 2 weeks!! 

If you believe your people could be more effective at sales, follow-up, prospecting for new customers, negotiating contracts, closing the sale, handling sales calls, and converting internet leads, you have to look at new technologies to provide relevant sales training on a daily basis.

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