Sales Conditioning

Conditioning yourself and your team to excel in sales on a daily basis is no different than doing what athletes do to improve their performance. The following list gives you what you need to get in better “sales shape” so you can win the game every day:

  •  Strengththe stronger you are mentally, the longer you are able to combat objections and better negotiate favorable outcomes.
  • Power:  strength and speed make up power. Being faster to opportunities takes your competition out the game early.
  • Agility: the ability to pivot quickly in a sales call is imperative to building value and getting the margins you need.
  • Balance: the ability to control your emotions if the prospect gets upset.
  • Flexibility: the ability to see the other side’s point of view.
  • Co-ordination: the ability to integrate the above listed components seamlessly during a sales call.

As you can see, these attributes in sales will position you and your sales team as the best solution to your market…just like the best-conditioned athletes win the most games.

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