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With any training initiative to be successful, there are 3 objectives that must be met:

  1. Performance: skill set after training.
  2. Conditions: perform the task in specific conditions.
  3. Criterion: how well it must be done.

The best way for me to explain this is to use my services as the example of how I drive sales and accountability for my clients. Here's how I use this for my clients. Feel free to use this model for your team:

1. Performance —> what the learner should be able to do after training.

Able to do                                                                              How it’s measured

  • Prospect/fill pipeline                                                             Daily
  • Set meetings and demos                                                     Weekly
  • Close Deals                                                                     Weekly & Monthly


2. Conditions —> what specific condition(s) the learner needs to perform task in.

Condition                                                                                How it’s measured

  • Phone                                                                            Tested & graded by trainer
  • Face-to-face                                                                          Video training
  • Presenting to groups                                                 Rehearse in front of groups
  • Online demonstrations                                             Tested & graded by trainer


3. Criterion —> how well it must be done.

How it’s measured: track progress daily, weekly, and monthly; activity inserted into a production form and graded/measured by sales manager.

I’m the sales manager for many of my clients, so I’m the one who looks at all of the activity and results and customizes training around each individual salesperson to drive sales and shorten the sales cycle. If you don't currently have a training curriculum in place, use this one. If you'd like me to do this for your company then contact me. 

Consistent training is to sales as breathing is to life!


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