Create A Tipping Point

A tipping point, according to Malcolm Gladwell, is the name given to that one dramatic moment when everything can change all at once.

You need to create a tipping point for your business to set into motion an epidemic of word-of-mouth promotion. The way you do this is through the right kinds of people!

I’ve said many times before that you need to have 8-10 strategies going at all times. Whether it’s social media, video, cold-calling, email marketing, direct mail…this amount of action will convert leads into sales helping you to grow at an average rate. But to have a massive impact, you must set into motion an epidemic. In addition to utilizing 8-10 strategies as your norm for business generation, creating an epidemic must be started by certain people. This is the most important strategy you can employ!

You must get your message to:

1.   Connectors - people with a special gift for bringing the world together. Connectors know lots        of people, the right people that can cause a word-of-mouth epidemic for you and your products.

2.   Mavens - also referred to as market mavens, these people accumulate information,       share it with everyone, and keep the market honest. They solve their own problems and emotional needs by solving other peoples’ problems. They’ll use your product(s) to help others. Mavens are fantastic marketers.

3.   Salespeople - people that have the ability to persuade the un-convinced.

When you get your message and product(s) in front of these 3 kinds of people, you will create a tipping point for your business where everything will change at one certain point. Creating this tipping point should be the #1 goal for your business!

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