Why Wouldn’t You Buy This?

This is one of the most powerful questions in selling! It gets to the problem immediately! You're spending too much time and effort trying to persuade the prospect to buy from you with features and benefits. Remember, people only believe 7% of what you're telling them (Dr. Mehrabian, UCLA). Ask your prospect why they wouldn’t buy it. This will quickly unleash their complaints and objections so you know what to do and say next in the conversation. Here’s an example:

“Mrs. Prospect, let me ask you, why woudn’t you buy this product?”

She says “Well, I don’t think my staff would utilize this product so it would be a waste of money for me to buy it.”

There it is! The problem is her staff. Now you know the problem. Now you can ask her how your product would benefit her and her company if her staff would use it.

Let the prospect give you the solution. When the prospect “solves” her own problem it becomes her idea. She will then start talking with you about some ways to get her staff to use the product. Now you're an advisor and not a salesperson in her eyes. Once she convinces herself (with your help) that she can accomplish this, she will then buy from you. You can’t go from “No” to “Yes” without going through “Maybe”. 

Asking the right questions at the right time is the gateway to more sales!


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