The Most Effective Tool In Sales

The phone! Yes, the almighty phone is the most effective tool in sales. Always has been, always will be! Especially in today’s technological world. 

The good news is that your competition isn’t using the phone the way it’s supposed to be used. The bad news is that neither are you!

Benefits of the phone:

  • You can “feel” the person’s voice
  • Most professional people answer their phone
  • You can make more phone calls than you can make personal visits
  • Phone calls are legal and effective, email blasting is not
  • Most emails never get through
  • All professional people have voice message available
  • Phone calls mean that you're serious; no hiding behind technology
  • Phone calls are 6x more cost-effective than marketing and advertising
  • Deals are closed faster on the phone than any other way

I could go on and on but you get the point!

If you're not using the phone to sell more, then you simply don’t know how to effectively use the phone and you don’t have a follow-up model to employ to make it successful. Once you start selling more on the phone, you’ll make it priority #1 every day! I promise you that!

When I started out in business a gazillion years ago, I was under the spell that the phone was intrusive and non-effective. I believed this crap because I listened to people who didn’t have a clue about what they were talking about.

Once I broke free of that spell I started to use the phone more often. I saw immediate results, too. I wasn’t as seasoned then as I am now but I learned the secrets to the phone: 

  1. Have a great, structured pitch
  2. Know your call calculation
  3. Make the necessary number of calls each and every day

If you follow those 3 secrets, your sales will go through the roof! Stop believing the crap out there that people don’t answer their phone or listen to their messages! The only ones that believe that bullshit are those who haven’t had any success in their business yet.

If using the phone to drive sales wasn’t the most effective way to do it, Google wouldn’t have call centers all over the world calling businesses to sell Google Ad campaigns!

Learn to use the phone and your business will see success levels you never thought possible!


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