Always Be Asking! Not Always Be Closing!

Always Be Closing is not the way to sell. It’s too high pressure. It’s too over the top. It’s too in your face. It’s rude, stupid, and un-professional. It screams Amateur!

Consumers want sales pros to be just that…pros. 

If you're constantly closing you're talking too much. Consumers want to talk. They want to be the center of your attention. They want you to care enough to not make quick judgements. They want you to execute a process of asking questions so you can really understand their situation and problem. They want you to ask questions and listen!

Don’t get me wrong here. Closing is vitally important to sales. Without it you don’t get paid and the prospect doesn’t get to enjoy the benefits of your product. But there is a time and place for closing. That time and place is after you ask the right questions and completely understand their problem. 

Here’s a great formula to use to keep you from talking too much:

5-10 second statement followed by a question.

When the prospect asks you a question, deliver a short answer and then ask them another question. That question can be as simple as “do you agree with that?”

Always Be Asking will strengthen your connection with the prospect; Always Be Closing will quickly destroy it!

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