The 7 secrets of selling on the phone

In sales, your ability to communicate your who, what and how is imperative to growing your revenue! Here’s what’s wrong with your current pitch on the phone:

  • Your pitch sounds like everyone else
  • Your too vague
  • Your talking about yourself too much
  • You take too long to get the prospect’s attention and hold it
  • You're giving too much detail
  • You're using industry terms
  • You're not using a framework for your pitch
  • You don’t know how many contacts you need to make to reach your numbers

These are the most popular mistakes I see people in sales making every single day, day in and day out. If you want to change a result, you must change a behavior.

Here’s the best format to use for your pitch:

  1. Your first name (never your last name) and what company you're with.
  2. The reason for your call (your big claim)
  3. “To be sure I can help your company, let me ask you…”
    1. use a 1st question here that forces the person to answer you
    2. use a 2nd question here to move the conversation forward a bit more
    3. use a 3rd question here to get a verbal commitment for a meeting or a demo
    4. the 4th question asks who else would be involved in making a decision
  4. 2 parts:
    1. if you're talking to the sole decision-maker, ask for 11 minutes to demo your product.
    2. if you're not talking with the decision-maker, book an appointment with the decision-maker to demo your product.
    3. if you get the opportunity to leave a voice message, leave a message telling the person what day and time you’ll call back.
  5. Send an email as soon as you get off the phone.
  6. Follow-up with a phone call when you said you would
  7. Keep calling, emailing, texting (or send a gift) until you get the appointment.

Remember, 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact! A contact means a phone conversation with the decision-maker(s).

And always, always, always, always treat the “gate-keeper” as a decision-maker! They decide whether or not you get access to the “boss”!

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