The 5 steps to solve your sales problems

Your sales suffer because you won’t invest 30 minutes a day focused on the most important skill needed to excel in sales - communication!

You waste more than 30 minutes a day:

  • on break
  • on personal crap that’s not important
  • complaining
  • making excuses
  • being negative
  • bitching, moaning and crying
  • being jealous of people doing well
  • trying to get out doing work
  • thinking about vacation
  • thinking about what tv show to watch tonight
  • planning your next meal 
  • thinking about the weekend

I’ll stop here but we both know this list can go on and on. You want to increase sales? Then invest 30 minutes a day on improving your communication skills!

The 5 steps to solving your sales problems by investing just 30 minutes a day:

  1. Make the mental commitment to be great in sales
  2. go to and sign up
  3. watch the videos
  4. listen to the mp3 audio instruction
  5. use the action worksheets

These problems get solved quickly when you make a 30 minute/day commitment to your sales career:

  • trouble getting to the decision-maker
  • sounding like an idiot when you finally get to talk with the decision-maker
  • not closing enough deals fast enough
  • not generating enough leads and interest in your products
  • the fear of using the phone
  • the fear of not knowing what to say when dealing with objections

Replace the 30 minutes a day you waste on activities that hurt your sales with 30 minutes per day on and your sales will explode!

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