How to get people to invest in you

What makes you think that your prospects should invest in you when you won’t even invest in yourself and your products? Do you own and use the product(s) you sell? Do the products you sell solve your problems? If not, you're already behind the 8-ball! Convincing the prospect that they should invest in you and your products when you don’t even invest in them is just plain stupidity!

If you sell Ford trucks, you better own a Ford truck! If you sell software solutions, you better own and use it! If you sell social media services, you better have proof that it works for you before trying to sell it to the prospect.

The best proof of anything is the proof from your own experiences and results using the products you sell! The 2nd best proof is the proof from your existing clients!

When prospects and clients tell you “no” or “I have to think about it”, what they're really saying is “I’m not convinced yet that I should invest in you”. 

To increase your sales, you must get really good at making the client certain that you are a great investment. You're making a habit of causing the client to wonder how you invest in yourself that proves you as a great investment for them by not bringing this topic up fast enough in the conversation.

To solve this, ask the client what forms of investments they're currently making in themselves and their people. After they answer you, tell them briefly what investments you're currently making in yourself and how it’s helping you solve the problems of your clients. 

Example: If you're currently in a self-improvement program, tell the client how more confidence is helping you help your clients solve their money problem or solve their marketshare problem or solve productivity problems or whatever solutions that you and your products provide. Always relate the investments you're making in yourself to how it will solve your client’s problem!

Make sure that when you talk about this that you keep it short, to the point, and always end with a good question for the client to answer.

“Mrs. Prospect, do you see how this can solve your problem?”

Then shut your mouth, let them talk, take notes, and close the deal!

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