You're confusing me

Your message is confusing the consumer and it’s hurting your chances to get in front of more interested prospects. People don’t buy when they're even a little bit confused. Once they become uncertain, their brain tells them to stop. Retreat. Don’t buy. Hold off.

To get more prospects to see you, you must be very articulate in your message. Tell me your mission. Not a mission statement… your mission. 

My mission is to rid the world of negativity!  ~Tom Ricciuti

Your mission needs to be a big, massive, positive purpose that you're obsessed with accomplishing! I want to know who you are as an individual. A person. A living being. Your point of view of the world. What’s wrong with world. What you're doing to fix that problem. What your struggles are. What your frustrations are. Show me your vulnerable side. Don’t act like someone you're not to try and impress me - I’ll see right through it and dismiss you from my world.

I’m a consumer just like you. Don’t confuse me. Show me who you really are and make me want to know you better. Don’t confuse me. Too many others already do that because they're confused about who they are, confused as to what “wrong” they're trying to “right”, and confused about how to tell me their story.

Confuse me and I’ll ignore you. Show me the real you and and you've got my attention!

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