It’s not rejection you’re afraid of

Your numbers are down because you're afraid of attention, not rejection. If you get more attention, you’ll be be judged more often. If you’ve been is sales for more than a year, rejection is no longer the problem, lack of attention is the problem. To get more meetings, to attract more interest, and to close more deals you have to get more attention.

To do this, you have to eliminate the negativity that you’ve been exposed to all your life. You’ve been told to “Fly under the radar” and “Be seen but not heard” and “No, don’t do that!” This bad advice is exactly what’s hurting your business now. Tell yourself that from this moment forward, you will do whatever it takes to attract more attention to yourself. 

More emails. More social media. More phone calls. More direct mail. More speaking engagements. More blogging. More videos. More production=more attention=more opportunity to solve problems=more success for everyone involved!

You’re not afraid of being rejected…you’re afraid of being judged! The more you're judged, the more you’ll sell. Why would anyone buy from you when they don’t know who you are?

Put yourself out there more! Take the risk. I promise you that it will grow your sales!

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