Be the advantage, not the commodity

Your pitch sounds like everyone else’s pitch. Your presentation is too long and really boring. You can’t close a door without a gust of wind. This makes you a commodity in the marketplace. Commodities are available everywhere at very low costs. You need to change this perception now to increase your sales.

Consumers won’t pay you a penny more for a commodity. They’ll find the lowest cost provider and buy from them until that provider goes out of business. Then they’ll find another sucker.

You're better than that! You're not a commodity because you have unique skills, unique experiences, unique gifts, and a unique education that brings a ton of value to the market. This value makes you a competitive advantage for your clients, not a commodity! 

Tell your story to the market (especially prospects) of how you are their advantage and how you can help them dominate their space. If you don’t, you’ll be lowering your price, giving away margin, killing your profit, and lose all your confidence!

Let your competition be the commodity that the prospect can get anywhere at a low price. You be the advantage to the prospect and they’ll pay you what you want because they can only get you at your price - they can’t get you and your unique set of skills from anyone else no matter what it costs. Being the advantage eliminates the price war!

Be the advantage!

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