The cure for distraction

Distraction is killing you! It’s killing your sales, it’s killing your income, it’s killing your prospecting, and killing the attitude you need to grow your business! Make today the day you conquer distraction once and for all!

Write your goal(s) for the day every morning. When you write down (I didn’t say type) your goal(s) every morning, it forces you to fill up your calendar for the day with the activities you need to be doing to advance yourself in your career and business.

You know that my mission is to rid every single person of negativity on the planet before I leave this Earth. That’s a big lofty goal I know! Chances are I won’t hit that goal and that’s fine with me. What’s not fine with me is not giving that goal 100% of my attention and effort every single day! 

To get closer and closer to that goal, I:

    1. write down the goal(s) of the day on paper (yeah, I said paper) - I use legal pads first then put them in my computer.

    2. fill my day with activities that will get me to that goal(s).

I know better than anyone what the effects of negativity are. Negativity held me down for more years than I care to admit. That’s why I wrote the book Quicksand - to help you understand how negativity holds you back and how to stay out of it. Distractions break your focus. Broken focus opens the door for negativity. Negative thoughts make you talk yourself out of what’s important and fills you with self-doubt.

Write your “Goal(s) of the Day” every morning. You over-achievers can do this at night, too. Then fill every hour of your day with only the activities that enable you to reach that goal. Once you get into the habit of doing this daily, you’ll experience an explosion in yourself propelling you towards bigger dreams, goals, and aspirations that you will now see as totally attainable because distractions will no longer interrupt your mission!

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