3 ways to fast money

Here are the 3 ways to get more clients than you can handle to explode your business:

  1. Ask everyone you talk to for a referral. For 5 days straight, count how many people you talk to in a day. Whether you know the person or not, count them. This will surprise the heck out of you. I guarantee that you don’t realize how many people you talk to every day! Ask every single one of them to give you a referral.
  2. Ask each of your current clients for 2 referrals. You need to convince each clients to give you 2 names to call. “Hi John/Jane. You've been my client for _____ months/years now and you know that I appreciate your business. What 2 people come to mind that you know would benefit from talking with me about my products and services?” Grow a pair of beast balls and do this. If you're clients love doing business with you then you’ll end up with at least 2 names from each client.
  3. Make the news by being the expert. Start by getting in touch with your local media and let them know that you're the expert in your field. So when a story pops up or they need an expert opinion about something, you're the one they call. This is the best way to stay at the top of peoples’ minds. They’ll see you as the expert and then call you for business.

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