Stay out of the quicksand

By “quicksand” I‘m talking about negativity. In my book “Quicksand - The Guide To Climbing Out Of The Negativity Trap To Unleash Your Full Potential I write about how negativity is the 2nd most powerful force in the universe. Only positivity can defeat negativity. Negativity can and will steal your life, dreams and aspirations! It’s that powerful!

To successfully begin the journey to escape your own negativity, you must first get past your negative past (Chapter 1). Your past is littered with negative memories and failures - some of which you might not even be consciously aware. It is precisely this past negativity that has festered inside of you over a period of years and that sometimes unbeknownst to you reared its ugly head at the most inopportune times to undercut your efforts and desire to be successful. Chances are it’s happening to you over and over without you realizing just how paralyzing it is.

It is time to identify this, acknowledge it, bundle it up in a great big ball, put it in the trash can of your life and move on!

Negativity holds you back in every aspect of your life. When it consumes your mind, negativity oozes out of you and you’re the only person that can’t see it - it’s extremely obvious to everyone else, though.

Until you read my book “Quicksand”, for now just make a conscious effort to be aware of your own negativity and try to submerge it. Read my book and you’ll know how to get out of it, control it and protect yourself from it moving forward.

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