Do this when you get discouraged

Don’t let people fool you.

They get discouraged just like you do and just like I do, they might just be afraid to admit it.

But if you let it fester, you’ll be sorry! Here’s a guideline for when you get discouraged to keep you fighting through it:

  • Be discouraged for a very brief time - no longer than 1 hour; Let the feeling run its course.
  • Jot down what you've accomplished over the past month, 6 months, year; Not just the big wins, the mini-wins, too. Get all of this on paper.
  • Think about each victory you’ve earned; Remember the great feeling you had when you earned it.
  • Write down what you're discouraged about.
  • Be happy that you're discouraged - it reminds you of what you’re going after.

What you’ll see is that what you're discouraged about is really small potatoes compared to the wins you’ve accumulated.

It’s very normal to feel discouraged when you're trying your hardest to accomplish something you care about, especially when you aren’t getting what you want fast enough.

Nature has its way of testing how bad you want something by throwing up roadblocks to see if you're passionate enough to find a way around the obstacles.

This is what I call Natural Selection. Only those who are focused, dedicated, passionate and persistent will be selected to accomplish the big stuff in life.

So…are you still discouraged or are you inspired to fight through whatever you have to so you can have everything that you desire?

Be inspired - it beats the hell out of being discouraged! And it’s more fun, too!

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