Price is never the problem

Price is never the problem! “It’s too much”, or “I can get it cheaper down the road”, or any statement made by the prospect that mentions a high(er) price is never the reason consumers don’t buy! Never!!

I don’t care that they said it was. I don’t care that you can’t or won’t pay the extra money. I don’t care what they say about the price. Why?

Because consumers only mention price when they’re uncertain about something or uncertain about you. Period!

When someone says “The price is too high”, you say “Other than price, what’s important to you?”

If you use this every time you get a price objection, I guarantee you that they’ll give you the reasons that they’ll pay more. You just have to listen carefully!

The key to successful selling and closing is questions.

When you ask the right questions at the right time, it’s amazing what people will tell you.

They’ll give you every buying motive they have. You just need to know how to use their answers to position yourself as the solution and presto…sale.

Yes it’s that easy! What you’re doing now isn’t working so what do you have to lose by trying this? You’re going to lose the sale if you don’t do this anyway so give it a shot. 

“Other than price, what’s important to you?”

Then listen!!!

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