Make the good bullet proof

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the nation’s top athletic trainers, Coach Amanda Kephart on my talk show TomTalk - Where Business Matters and what a great show it was!! Amanda takes training to a whole new level entirely and when you watch her athletes perform you’ll see why she’s a master of training.

I asked Coach Amanda a bunch of questions during the interview and she threw out some gold nuggets that we can all learn from. Whether you’re a salesperson, a CSR, or a business owner fighting the good fight, here are 3 truly inspiring tips that she so generously mentioned:

  1. Information only gets you so far!
  2. Make the good bullet-proof!
  3. A Coach is a shortcut to where you want to be!

Her and I talked about how training athletes to be better/faster/stronger is identical to training salespeople to be better/faster/stronger. We chatted about how scheduled training keeps the mind sharp and constantly focused and how accountability is key when you’re trying to achieve a higher level of performance.

For you salespeople and entrepreneurs out there, this show is must-watch for you and your team! Watch it here:

If you look at your company and your people as a team (and I hope you do), then train your people like Coach Amanda trains her athletes…to be better, faster, and stronger.

Make the practice harder and the game will be easier!

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