Will someone please take my money?

If Best Buy isn’t careful, they will meet the same fate as Circuit City. I was recently at Best Buy looking to invest a hefty amount of money into video production equipment but needed some advice first from one of their “customer service reps”. If that term isn’t an oxymoron in this day and age then I don’t know what is! Exactly when did customer service change it’s meaning to customer disdain?

My associate and I walked into Best Buy, proceeded to the section of the store we needed to be in and looked around hopefully for someone to give a shit. I started counting employees in our general vicinity. I counted 6 employees standing around talking about what I’m sure was more important than helping a customer spend money in their store.

I started laughing because I find this type of “customer service” hilarious but my associate didn’t quite see the humor in it that I did. He walks over to an employee and was told “I’m on break”. He then walked over to another employee and was told “we’ll get someone for you soon”. Another employee walked right past us and didn’t even acknowledge us. Not a “Hi”, not a “Can I offer some assistance?”, not even a “Screw you!” which I would’ve appreciated at this point.

After 15 minutes or so, an employee shows up and apologizes for the wait. He was polite, professional, had a sense of urgency, knew his stuff and all around gave my associate and myself a glimmer of hope that there are still a few people out there who actually have a great attitude towards helping people. No wonder this guy took awhile to get to us - he’s the only good one in the entire store that cares! I think I’ll hire this guy and give him a real career. Sorry Best Buy, you lose! By the way…Circuit City thought they were invincible, too!

How’s your customer service? Does it suck? Is it average? Is it top-notch? The market will decide for you.

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