5 ways to enhance connecting visually with people

UCLA college professor Albert Mehrabian discovered that what we say accounts for only 7% of what is believed. He also found out that the way we say it accounts for 38% and what we see accounts for 55%. Since what others see accounts for more than half when it comes to connecting with people, it’s important to look at visual connecting in more detail.

If you want to become a sales pro at the highest level, you need to understand that you have a greater advantage of signing the client if you connect with him/her than if you don’t. People are naturally drawn to and attracted to those who we feel some sort of connection with and/or have something in common that we share. The process of connecting always starts with the visual element and it’s also the most important element when it comes to successful connecting.

Here are 5 laws you need to master when it comes to connecting with people visually:

  1. Eliminate personal distractions: wear proper attire, be well-groomed, eliminate unattractive personal habits or tics
  2. Expand your range of expression using your face: Smile=Attraction, Poker Face = Detachment and Ignoring; maintain eye contact
  3. Move with a sense of purpose: be excited; show people your energy
  4. Maintain an open posture: be inviting to promote connection; remove obstacles & reduce distance; firm handshake, pat on the back/shoulder; hug. Note: When dealing with the opposite sex, be careful or you’ll be explaining it to a judge!
  5. Pay attention to your surroundings/environment: Is a tv on? How’s the lighting? Is there construction noise nearby? Do the windows have blinds?

People judge you from the minute you walk in the door ‘till the time you leave. Be very cognizant of how you appear visually and what message you’re sending. Your success in connecting depends on it!

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