Create loyal customers and get referrals from them

The customer is not always right, but you never win an argument with them!

Customers get irritated, frustrated, disappointed, pissed off, and down-right mad when service is not at the level they expect it to be.

If your service isn’t perfect all the time and your company doesn’t train great customer service skills, then understand that you’re going to deal with this more often than you like and it’s going to hurt your bank account and make you miserable at work. 

 How do you expect to create loyal customers and get referrals from them if your service is shabby?

Flip this coin and look at what the reward is…retention and massive referrals.

This is what you want, not a bunch of pissed-off clients that are losing their patience with you. These customers eventually take their business elsewhere and tell everyone the know (and don’t know) how terrible your company is. Not a good way to run a business and definitely not a good way to live!

Understand this: when a client calls you complaining, there’s a huge opportunity there!

Be thankful that they called to let you know that they’re unhappy. This gives you the opportunity to WOW them by solving their problem and creating customer loyalty so when you ask them for referrals, they’ll happily give you some.

The customers you should be worried about are the ones that aren’t happy and don’t call you to let you know. These clients have already left you and you don’t have the chance to save the account, let alone get any referrals from them.

Here are 3 steps to client retention and massive referrals:

  1. Create a process and strategy to communicate with your existing clients regularly.
  2. Take a certain amount of clients each week and send them a creative message using different channels each time.
  3. Make everything about them, not you or your business! Get lost in their dreams.

These 3 steps help you:

  • stand apart from your competition
  • keep you in the forefront of your client’s mind
  • improve your creativity that will help your packaging and messaging
  • keep your activity level high
  • retain your clients and drive massive referrals

Remember…when the client calls with a problem, be the solution!

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