The 3 secrets to closing like a beast

When you don’t close a deal, questions go through your head:

  • Was it the price?
  • Did I say something that offended them?
  • Did I miss something somewhere?
  • Was I prepared?

Then you make some statements to yourself that sound like this?

  • That prospect isn’t the right type of client for me.
  • They can’t afford it.
  • They want to keep shopping?
  • He/She wants to talk with their spouse about it first.

And on and on and on.

The reason you didn’t close the deal is that you didn’t execute the Big 3:

  1. Great Attitude
  2. Connect
  3. Build Value Quickly

Great Attitude. You must have the greatest attitude your prospect has ever seen! If you don’t, you come off as “just another commodity”. Since most people don’t have great attitudes, you will instantly differentiate yourself and not be looked at as a commodity the way people are that have average or poor attitudes. Remember: people will pay more money for a great attitude than they will a great product or service!

Connect. If you want your prospect to know that you truly care about them and their dreams, goals and aspirations, then you need to connect with them as a person. Too many salespeople talk too much about themselves, their products and services, their wonderful pricing, their company, blah blah blah blah blah. Are you as turned off as I am right now? This is how your prospect feels if you don’t connect with them personally before asking them take out their wallet! No connection=no deal!!

Build Value Quickly. The 21st century buyer wants to get in, make a decision and get out. The days of spending a lot of time with a prospect before asking them to buy are long gone. Build value quickly and your closing rate will increase quickly!

These 3 secrets to closing more deals will build your confidence fast!

Instead of asking why you didn’t get the deal done or making assumptions as to why you didn’t close the deal, execute these 3 secrets and you’ll be closing more deals than you ever thought possible!

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