The 3 consequences of the weaker frame

Frames are structures of how we see the world; it’s our point of view.

With that being said (or typed), it stands to reason that when you speak to another party, there a two points of view getting ready to clash; to come together.

Very rarely do we meet someone that we instantly see eye-to-eye with right off the bat. Usually we disagree, even on small things, to a certain degree with the other person.

This is what framing is all about - your frame against their frame. In every conversation, there is a strong frame and a weak frame.

When two or more people come together in a business setting, their frames square off, then come together in an un-friendly way! Each frame seeks to sustain dominance over the other.

The stronger frame absorbs the weaker frame and the stronger dominates the situation from that point forward!

Just because your prospect has the money you want doesn’t mean that you should have the weaker frame out of “being polite and professional”!

Why? Because it will show weakness, low confidence, and fear and that will cause more than enough uncertainty in the prospect’s mind to:

  • get you to give up more margin to get the deal
  • take full advantage of you
  • not buy from you at all
  • make you appear unprofessional and unprepared 

Salespeople that are not well-versed in frame control and not prepared for the “frame-off” always suffer the consequences of having the weaker frame. When you encounter a stronger frame in sales, it’s very common to:

  1. defend your price
  2. bring your competition into the conversation
  3. be more susceptible to losing the negotiation

When you fall prey to these 3 areas of quicksand during a negotiation, you’re sunk!

The stronger frame will pull you under and you won’t get what you want out of the negotiation!! 

Use your frame as an instrument to package:

  • your power
  • your authority
  • your strength
  • your status

When you have the stronger frame in a sales situation/negotiation, you win on your terms - not lose on their terms!

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