Video Testimonials: Under-utilized Secret Weapons

Video testimonials are great tools for salespeople!

It amazes me that so few sales professionals use this incredibly persuasive tool when dealing with tough prospects.

If you’re not using them, maybe you’re just not sure when to use them and how to introduce them to the prospect.

If this is the case, then allow me to explain the process so you can use video to close more deals.

We’ve all been in front of prospects that are just brick walls.

We connect with them (so we think), we smile, we’re friendly, we ask the right questions at the right time, we present our case professionally…but the prospect just won’t bite.

Before you go blaming the prospect for being a cheap bastard, or blaming your boss for bad leads, or blaming the economy, or blaming the weather, or blaming your spouse, or blaming everything under the sun except the real problem – YOU – do this:

After you’ve attempted enough closes (you ARE using closes I presume), use this line:

“Mr./Ms. Prospect, I completely understand your hesitation (1st rule of selling is to agree). Please watch and listen to what my clients say about me and my company.” (Grab your phone or tablet, play the first video testimonial, and shut your trap)!

After you play one video, ask the prospect if they’ve seen and heard enough to justify making a decision.

If the answer is yes, close the deal; if the answer is no, play another video.

Timing is of the utmost importance here!

If you pull out video too early, it makes you look lazy, uncertain, and unprepared.

You must only use video testimonials  After you’ve attempted enough closes but can’t seem to get the prospect convinced to do business with you.

Do not have expensive and rehearsed videos made for this! You want it to be real, from real clients. You don’t want it to look like a paid commercial.

Get a few of your raving clients to talk about how great it is to use you and your company and what their fears were Before they purchased from you and how you took care of those fears and concerns once they hired you.

Have them tell the camera how happy they are for making the decision to buy from you.

A two – minute video is perfect. Any longer and you’ll risk boring the prospect out their mind.

Remember, use your closing skills first to get the deal, but use video testimonials for those prospects that need that extra convincing.

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