The most important rule salespeople violate constantly!

The human instinct to be right all the time that we all possess is deadly in the sales world!

Prospects aren’t looking for you to be right, they want to be right.

Prospects don’t want to argue, they want agreement.

Prospects don’t want you telling them what you will and won’t do for them, they want to tell you what they want and what they’re willing to pay for.

Prospects don’t want your ego, they want solutions!

Most salespeople have been to seminars that teach these principles.

How can you go to a seminar, take notes, then not apply what you’ve learned? This is a topic for another time. But for now…

The #1 rule of sales that salespeople violate consistently is “Always Agree.”

Always, always, always, always, ALWAYS agree with the prospect!!

When you agree, the prospect lowers their defenses. Isn’t that the goal here?

When you lower defenses, the person you’re talking with becomes friendlier, relaxed, and more open to your ideas and suggestions.

Only when they are open to you can you begin to build confidence and certainty with them (remember a past blog of mine: people buy only when they are certain)

When I say agree, I mean show them that you can understand how they feel.

I’m not saying that you should agree with their thoughts, philosophies, actions, or beliefs – just that you can understand how and why they feel a certain way about what they’ve said.

The trick here is to make it very short! Do not go on and on and on! Just agree!

Here are some powerful agreements to use with your next prospect:

“I totally agree with you.”
“I understand completely.”
“You’re singin’ to the choir.”
“Yep! I get it.”
“Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

After you use one of these, ask a question or simply shut your mouth and smile.

What’s the fastest, most reliable way to get a person to stop in their tracks and instantly begin to like you? Agree with them.

Want to kill a sale, make yourself look stupid, and put yourself behind the eight ball? Disagree and try to be right.

Want to lower defenses and get the other person to like you? Agree with them.

Try it! It will help you close a bunch more deals!

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