The 5 minute pitch

Having a 5 minute pitch in your sales arsenal is one of the most effective tools you can possess!

In this ultra fast-paced business environment, consumers don’t have the time and patience to listen to you drone on and on about your product and service.

Before the internet took over the world, consumers would go to salespeople for information about the goods they were thinking about purchasing.

Now, consumers go to the internet to get the info they want and need.

So it begs the question: Why do people still talk with salespeople when they can go online and buy without dealing with anyone?

As the world becomes more of a machine age, people crave human interaction more and more.

But we must remember that since they already have the information from the internet, consumers are going to salespeople for one reason only: To be certain about who they will buy from!

So, when you’re in front of a prospect, remember that they already have a good handle on your product, service, and price range.

If you talk too much about what they already know (or they think they know), you’ll lose them – their mind will drift elsewhere (usually to the list of ways to get you to leave).

A 5 minute pitch will impress the prospect, respect their time, show that you’re prepared and confident, and will initiate a positive reaction from the prospect that will lead to a great conversation that respects everyone’s time.

Note: If they want to talk to you past 5 minutes…Go with it! This is really what you’re trying to accomplish – to get their attention and build interest very quickly.

Here’s the model to use when you craft your 5 minute pitch:

  1. Here’s who I am
  2. Here’s what I do
  3. Here’s the problem(s) I solve
  4. Here’s the price and terms
  5. Would you like to continue the discussion?

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