Stop waiting for referrals! Drive ‘em!

Most sales reps are hesitant to ask for referrals.

They think that if they do a good job for the client, that client will go out of their way to refer them.

They won’t! They’re too busy to think about you.

Reps are also not prepared when a client tells them that they don’t know anyone to refer.

But the worst I’ve heard from reps and business owners is that you can’t ask someone for a referral from someone who didn’t purchase.

What a load of shit!

This line of thinking will keep you from generating a ton of referrals that will help you grow your business.

Another benefit to driving all these referrals is that the more referrals you generate, the less cold-calling you have to do.

It’s more fun and profitable to call referrals than to call people who have no idea of who you are and don’t want to talk to you anyway.

If you ask, you will receive!

You just have to know the proper way to execute this.

My rule of thumb is to get a referral from each person you speak with whether or not they buy from you.

Most reps won’t do this, so this is your opportunity to grab their referrals, too. Hey, if they’re too scared to ask, they don’t deserve them anyway.

When you ask for a referral from a prospect that didn’t buy from you, you catch them off-guard.

They’re not used to someone asking for a referral when they don’t buy.

Don’t be afraid, just do it and you’ll be amazed at how many people will give you a referral when you thought it was impossible or “not polite to ask.”

When you ask for a referral from a non-buyer, here’s what happens:

  • They’re relieved because you’re not trying to sell them anymore
  • You take the pressure off of them
  • You show confidence in yourself, your company, and your product and service
  • You get a chance to “re-sell” yourself and your offering that is now being directed towards someone other than the person you’re trying to close
  • They’ll give you information about the referral that is priceless because you lowered their defenses

Whether a prospect buys from you or not,  ALWAYS ask for a referral!

Once you get it, ask “Who else?” Keep asking until they run out of names. Then, thank them for the referrals and ask this question:

“Can I have these people you referred to me call you after they’ve purchased and tell you how happy they are with me?”

Every time you close one of the referrals, call the prospect that didn’t buy and thank them again for the referral.

This will give you another chance to make contact with the “non-buyer” and get him/her to rethink your offer.

It’s all about the strategy and the skill…

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