Personal touch trumps technology

Why Personal Touch Trumps Technology by Grant Cardone, Published March 20, 2014

Technology seems to be moving at super-sonic speed.

And while it may appear to be revolutionizing the way business is done; emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other applications, none of these tools can or will ever replace the VALUE provided by the personal touch.

Your customer craves the personal influence of a professional, a positive human being that becomes the face of your company and your product!

Do NOT be deceived by the convenience of technology!

As it becomes bigger and more prevalent the need for human interaction, the personal touch, becomes even more desirable and more valuable.

An email or a text is nothing compared to a personal visit!

Direct communication in a client’s home or office is always more effective than an entry on Facebook, a tweet, or an email. While these new forms of communication can reach people they are NEVER as effective as human contact.

Another issue to consider is that there are great chances for deficiencies in advances in technology, including:

  1. Your email is never read because it goes to spam
  2. the wrong address, or is simply never opened.
  3. The receiver of the email or text may have been flooded with other like messages and not paid proper attention to yours.

The recipient is distracted and doesn’t give the communication his/her full attention.
The sender gets a false sense of having done something that, in actuality, is not done.

I love the technological advances we are seeing today!

I know that technology can never replace a personality, a smile, confidence, and personal interaction – NEVER!

Utilize technology in every way you possibly can but never let your people think that it will replace a personal touch, a handwritten letter, or a personal visit to the office or home because...

It won’t!

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