3 steps to client retention & massive referrals

Acquiring a client is the most important thing you can do for your business!

Without clients, your business won’t last long and you can’t retain someone that you haven’t acquired.

But why do some businesses invest loads of money, time and effort trying to acquire new clients when all they have to do treat their existing clients better?

For increased retention success that leads to more clients singing your praises to their network of friends, family and colleagues, implement these 3 steps to your weekly regimen:

1. Create a process that forces you to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis. A whiteboard, app, vision board, large sticky notes on the wall, etc. so you can see it            every day.
2. Take 10-15 clients per week, and for each week of the month send them a creative message (without trying to up-sell), but use a different channel each time (phone, email, video, letter, text, etc.).
3. Remember to make it about them, not you and your business, to solidify the relationship.

As easy and simple as this is to accomplish, most salespeople and business owners won’t do this. It is precisely this reason that you should do it! This makes you:
→ stand out from the crowd
→ differentiates you from the competition
→ keeps your name in front of your clients
→ forces you to stay creative with your messaging
→ keeps your activity level high on a consistent basis

It should be clear as to why this strategy works!

If you commit to this retention and referral structure while your competition keeps looking for new clients while ignoring their current clients, then you’ll dominate your sector in no time!

Want to have a differentiating selling point to acquire new clients? Start with your current clients – they’re itching to hear from you more often!!

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