You Sell Competence

You sell competence to the marketplace. Competence to produce an outcome.

In the mind of the consumer, you do not sell:

  •  a better widget
  •  a friendlier service
  •  a break-through app
  •  a round-trip to Mars 
  •  a faster response time

These are benefits that the consumer can get anywhere and probably cheaper than what you're selling it for which makes you a commodity, not a valuable asset.

The good news: you're competition is trying to sell benefits (and worse yet, features). And getting hung up on. Then saying ridiculous things like "cold-calling doesn’t work". 

The bad news: you're probably making the same mistakes as your competition.

The best news: You can change your result!

The world has changed therefore selling has changed!

You sell Competence to produce a desired outcome. Get this in your head!!

This is called an intangible. Something you can’t see, touch, feel, smell, eat, or have sex with. It’s more than an empty promise - it’s proof that you can deliver what your client wants the way they want it.

Not the way you want it…The way THEY want it!

And it all starts with your first contact attempt to your prospect, so don’t blow this all- important first step. Then follow through with the other steps that takes your prospect from initial contact to sale closed to ecstatic client.

Having a Sales Playbook is the answer to this common sales problem plaguing salespeople and sales managers today.

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Securing Appointments with 2 Phone Calls

Try getting a time commitment from a prospect with 2 emails. Or with 2 social media posts. Or with 2 direct mail letters. Or with 2 television commercials. Or with 2 blogs…

Understand that I am a big fan of email, texting, direct mail, social media, public speaking…all the forms of getting the attention of a prospect so I can get a meeting or the opportunity to demo my products and services. 

But those take a long time to produce fruit and I’m hungry now!!

You don’t have to love tele-prospecting, but you must do it if you want to create opportunities quickly.

Learn to do it right and I promise you that you will start to like it more and more!

Once you learn how to get a prospect to want to talk with you when you call them you’ll see how easy and fast it is to secure an appointment with them.

Just learn how to do it!

The Foundation of Sales

I’m reminded of the foundation of sales each and every day! 

Whether I’m making phone calls, visiting prospects and clients, or speaking at events I’m constantly reminded that confidence is the foundation of sales!

  1. When your confidence is low you have the tendency to slow (or stop) your activity level.
  2. When your confidence is low you won’t ask the tough questions.
  3. When your confidence is low your prospect will have no confidence in you.

Now flip the coin.

High confidence = high activity level.

High confidence = asking the tough questions.

High confidence = prospect having confidence in you.

Building confidence is easier said than done. It’s not something you're born with, it’s something you have to work on consistently.

For now, forget about having confidence in your products and services…Start working on building confidence in yourself.

If you will make this a priority I promise you that you will see an immediate change in your sales numbers.

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