Speaking for The National Sales and Marketing Executives Association

Speaking for The National Sales and Marketing Executives Association


Professionally, I'm a sales coach, author of the book Quicksand, host of 2 podcasts, and busy speaker on a mission to help people to become Master Presenters!

On the personal side, I'm a normal guy that enjoys reading, attending seminars and workshops, ice hockey, and laughing. I love to laugh! I really, really enjoy laughing!!

I've always liked sharing my story and my experiences with other people. It's probably what attracted me to coaching and speaking 20-some years ago in the first place.

My gift is my uncanny talent of connecting with people of all walks of life. For some reason, I'm able to see the world through other's eyes. I'm convinced that it is this gift that enables me to be very effective in coaching sales professionals to higher levels. 


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Tom Ricciuti
 Speaker / Author / Coach



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What some of my clients are saying...

I had the pleasure to listen to Tom give a speech at an event this morning and I just wanted to tell him thanks for his time. I have never met nor heard of Tom before, but I am truly glad I woke up this morning to hear what he had to say about sales and business in general. If anyone is looking for sales training for their sales team, I would definitely recommend Tom! Being a salesman myself, going into this meeting I thought it might be boring and the typical sales talk. Tom was the complete opposite! He is intensely passionate about sales and will get you to instantly think about your sales tactics in a whole different way. Thanks for your time and insight, Tom!
— Steve S, Sales Rep at S Group
I had the privilege of being a part of Tom’s sales training and he gave me the tools I needed to overcome my challenges and become a strong closer. Since all the pieces have been put together, I have become so much more successful with my career in a very short time period. Thank you, Tom!!
— Barb Cunningham, Dental Sales Rep
I retain TR Sales Training to work with my reps on a regular basis to keep them producing at high levels on a consistent basis. What a difference TR Sales Training has made! I highly recommend his firm!
— Ron Nanosky, Founder of The Agent Insurance Services

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